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About Me

Hello everyone!

My name is Aline Lopez and I’m a Mexican travel blogger who is currently studying a Bachelor Degree in Tourism.

As you might already imagine;  service, travel, people, culture and history are some words that are very related to my career… and so the things that I enjoy doing and learning about!

I believe that my passion for Tourism started when I moved to Canada to study a six-month Diploma. During my time in this country, I got in touch with a large number of people from different cultures than i’ve never been in my whole life…. And I just loved it!!! From that moment, my interest in knowing more about other ways of living, cultures and meeting people started to grow.

Like it happens when you are abroad, you learn to appreciate and value the things that you have back home… at least that’s what happened to me. Very soon I started to talked about the things that I missed the most about my country and the facts that makes it special like Mariachi songs or the stunning  Mayan pyramids. My surprise was huge when I realized that my friends didn’t know what I was talking about! The more I asked them about their own perception of what Mexico was, the more I realized that they just knew a small part of what my country had to offer…

Having this situation in mind, I went back to Mexico with the conviction of studying Tourism so that I could show (with mote knowledge and facts) what makes my country so especial.

For me, MEXICO… is more than Cancun, tequila or tacos ; it’s a country full of natural resources, history, culture richness, amazing food, tradition’s diversity and hospitalarious people that will open arms for everyone. Therefore, what you’ll find in this site are my experiences, some travel tips, thoughts and useful information that shows the uniqueness of my country and (why not?)  the beauty of the whole world!

I really hope to inspire you to have an adventure abroad,  and if you fall in love with my posts,  within the Mexican’s territory as well!


I believe that around every corner, we can find new routes that lead us to a different perception of our world… or even a discovering of ourselves.

Are you ready for that adventure? Where will your next route be?


 My work!…

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