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Chiapas: adventures inside nature

Chiapas: adventures inside nature


Picture yourself swimming in natural pools, surrounded by the Lacandon Jungle, while hearing the sound of the waterfall behind your back and some howler monkeys in the distance. Doesn’t it seem like paradise??  Well, this is something you can experience in CHIAPAS, MEXICO!

CHIAPAS is a State located in southern Mexico and which has a border with Guatemala. Because of its reach culture,  flora and fauna diversity and tropical weather, Chiapas is an ideal place to practice Ecotourism and learn about Mexican history!

How can you get there?

As always, the fastest way is by plane! You can find tickets departing from Mexico City or other States arriving at either Tuxtla Gutierrez  (the capital of Chiapas) or Palenque (a town in the north of Chiapas). Once in there, if you are planning to stay at least five days moving around the State, I’ll suggest you rent a car at the airports as public transportation might not reach to the places. However, you CAN take buses or local cars called “combis” that get you closer to them in the main cities ( Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapa de Corzo, San Cristobal de Las Casas, Comitan de Domínguez, Palenque)

Where to go?

For nature lovers I’ll suggest going to the following places:


Lagunas de Montebello:


Roberto Barrios

Chiflon Waterfalls

Sumidero Canyon

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