Hello travelers! Welcome to this travel blog. I’m Aline and with this blog, I aim to TAKE YOU to those places you probably haven’t visited. To SHOW YOU those things that make a place so special and unique like its past, people, food and culture. To SHARE with you interesting facts of each place from a cultural and historical perspective. And most importantly, I would like to INSPIRE you to travel.
In addition to this, I would be happy to know your opinion about the places that I visit and the things you enjoy reading the most about.

For me, traveling is a touristic activity that goes beyond breaking stereotypes and broadening our knowledge. To travel is to discover ourselves. Therefore, every place that you visit will help you to uncover the person you are meant to be and the greatness that lives in you. The question is: Would you dare to choose the route and start the journey? If so, take your luggage and let’s travel this wonderful world together.

I’ll see you around.